Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Flagler's Few Website coming soon!

Dear Followers,

I am pleased to announce that I am hard at work designing and building the new Flagler's Few website. While this blog site has served me well, with the release of the first book, it's time to go a step further and create something a little bit more advanced, yet user friendly.

The new site will feature a home page, a gallery, and even a store front for direct sales of Flagler's Few and related memorablia. The site was originally intended to be used as an ARFstudios website, featuring a variety of my projects, but as Flagler's Few demands much of my attention, it's only fitting the focus go towards it. With any hope, my other books and series will follow suit and the site can be expanded to encompass them all.

This blog site will still be accessable via another address link, and will be visible on the new website as well. Stay tune for future details, I am hoping to have it up by January 2010.

Work continues on the second book, and my expectation is to have it released between April and May of 2010.

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 11, 2009

CPR Show Interview rescheduled

If anyone's been following me on twitter or facebook, you know that last week I was scheduled to be on Crossroads Paranormal Radio, with hosts Kris and Mike Baker. Well, due to some technical difficulties with their studios' equipment, we were unable to complete the interview.

Well, I'm secheduled to return again this Sunday the 13th. I invite everyone to tune in as we discuss all things paranormal and of course the release of Flagler's Few and the Reaper of Saint George Street. This will be the first interview with since the book has been released and the first interview where the hosts have read the book!

As an added bonus, I'll try my best to divulge a little info about the next installment, Flagler's Few and Victor's Revenge...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Make sure to purchase your copy! Order now!

Monday, October 19, 2009



Dear Bloggers,

Here it is! Flagler's Few and the Reaper of Saint George Street. This will be a limited Halloween Edition in Digest format (5.5x8.5). The Trade Format will go on sale Nov. 1st. and this Digest format will be retired. Make sure you get your copy as soon as you can!

I'm already busy at work starting the next book Flagler's Few and Victor's Vengance! I'm hoping to have it out by the Spring or Summer of 2010. Now that I have a good grasp on how this all works, I should be able to get them to you faster without suffering in quality.

Thank you again everyone, and please help make this a memorable Halloween and order your copy TODAY!

Andre Rene Frattino (ARF!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flagler's Few ON SALE October 21st!

Hey there loyal followers,

October 21st, 2009. Ten days before Halloween. Exclusively linked on You
will be able to purchase your first-edition, limited run, Flagler's Few and the Reaper of Saint George Street. This book is in digest format (5.5x8.5) and will be available only through the holidays before it goes into it's 6x9 permanent format.

This edition is mostly made for you all, who have supported and promoted my book through the past year. If not for you, I would still be working on the book and probably not nearly as far as I am now. I hope you are as excited as I am, and support me further by purchasing your limited copy on this date!

When you return on October 21st, there will be a link to's marketplace listing for the book. You can get it there! I'm going to be shopping the book to traditional publishers this winter and hopefully will have a bigger backer at that time, BUT the book will be marketed then as a trade paperback which is usually more common then this limited edition digest format.

Seeya in a few days!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A look at future titles...

So here are some ideas for titles for the upcoming Flagler's Few novels...

Flagler's Few and the Hunt for the Reaper (not sure just yet)

Flagler's Few and the Pirate's Skull of Fury

Flagler's Few and the Head Hunters

Flagler's Few and the Terror of Old A1A

Flagler's Few and the Nazis at Matanzas

Flagler's Few and Saint Augustine Sea Monster

Flagler's Few and the Swamp Ape's Revenge

Flagler's Few and the U.S.O

Flagler's Few and the Reaper's Revenge

Flagler's Few and the Witches of Anastasia Island

Flagler's Few and the Last Minorcans

Let me know what you guys think. Of course, this all depends on how successful my first book is! :-P

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So this past weekend I attended Saint AuGHOSTine 2009. It was an interesting event...definitely not what I expected, but I met some interesting people like Murray Silver and Stacy the Ghost Cop. :-P We checked out the Saint Francis Inn, the Lighthouse and had a few seminars and guest speakings.

However, needless to say, it was more important that I went about and promoted my book at some of the local Saint George Street book shops. I had my eyes set specifically on three: Ghost Augustine, the Tavern shop, and Ghostly Experience, all of which are evenly seperated across the length of the walk.

Well, Ghostly Experience was hooked from the get go, and Ghost Augustine and the Tavern shop seemed eager to carry it as well for the upcoming soft opening. I managed to get a few others interested and I'm hoping that Barnes and Noble will carry a couple copies.

I of course will be pitching my book to some mainstream publishers, but I thought in the spirit of Halloween I'd give the tourists a taste of "Flagler's Few". I have a neat guerrilla advertising idea for the book as well...but need to discuss that with Saint Augustine's city affairs department.

The book will hopefully be available via Amazon and Barnes and as well. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Panama Monster!

I just caught this online. Evidentially some kids in Panama were being attacked by this thing, but after throwing rocks at it and reportedly "throwing" it into the appeared to have died. Officials claim it to be a fetus, but my opinion is that the arms on this thing are far too developed to be something like that. Check it out!

Embedded video from CNN Video

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rome Tribune Ghost Documentary

Check out the documentary Rome News-Tribune put together about the ghosts of Rome. I showed you the photos earlier this month, but the videos that they put together are so much better!

I want to thank the Rome Tribune for bringing me on board this project, it was amazing fun leading the investigations into the Chieftain Museum, the Desoto Theatre and the Catacombs of Shorter College.

So I hope you enjoy!




For more footage of the Rome Tribune's investigations into the paranormal, check out their website at:

Monday, September 14, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, Flagler's Few: The Reaper of Saint George Street (Part 1) is FINISHED!

After a year of working on the artwork, I've just completed the artwork. Now comes the much more relaxing task of work bubbling and box placements. It'll be frustrating, but I'll be able to finish it in a fraction of a time!

Still leaning heavily to a October 31st release date!

I'll be posting some word bubbled pages up soon!

Also, if any paranormal investigators are interested, I'll be in St. Augustine attending Saint AuGHOSTine 2009! I'd love to see some friendly faces at what is sure to be a fantastic time! Hurry though, they're already at 80% capacity!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


For your viewing pleasure, here are some more pages I had the chance to scan and upload. I'm penciling and inking the final 8 pages of the book, and should be ready to start word bubbling these pages by the first week of September. So we'll finally get some dialogue in these empty pages!

If all goes as planned, it looks like I won't have to apologize for postponing the book any further. October is still my planned soft-release date.

Until then, enjoy!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

No new updates yet...

Sorry folks! I'm working on the wire to get this book out before Halloween 2009! I originally wanted it done before the ghost conference in Saint Augustine, "Saint Aughostine", but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Though I may have some promotional material available at the conference to promote the book.

Please stay tuned, I should have something new for you to look at soon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Flagler's Few in Halloween Special!!!

Hey gang! Some great news! Shriek Freak Quarterly's Deaditor-in-Chief, Eric Downton, just contacted me and let me know that the pages I submitted for their First Halloween Special will be included. So while Flagler's Few will be released the same month, you'll be able to purchase the Shriek Freak Magazine to get a sneak peak at what's coming!

Please, everyone check out the Shriek Freak website and purchase a copy of the Halloween Special, not only to show your support for the graphic novel, but also for Shriek Freak Quarterly, who are hard at work to bring you the very best in horror-fiction provided by the fans themselves!

Not only that...but imagine what a collector's item you'll have when Flagler's Few becomes more popular then that little four-eyed british wizard kid! :-P

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flagler's Few Release Date!


I'm giving you all a set date for the release of my first graphic novel, Flagler's Few: The Reaper of St. George Street. A soft release will be set on October 31st 2009 in several tour and book shops along the real St. George Street in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Copies will also be available online either via this blogsite, or possibly via


Friday, July 31, 2009


It's been a while since I've actually uploaded a page to the blog, so here you all go, a little eye candy for the upcoming weekend!

More to come!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Desoto Theatre, Rome, Georgia

The Desoto Theatre was at one time the pride and joy of not only Rome Georgia or the entire southern east coast...but of the country itself! Built by O.C. Lam almost a hundred years ago this beautiful theatre served as a "talkie" and then a live stage through its existence. It still stands as a part of Rome's historic district.

Alongside Chris and Berry of Southern Paranormal Investigators, I headed up a team consisting of several of the Rome-Tribune's finest to explore this supposedly haunted locale. Thanks to Jason, one of the theatre's associates, we were given a guided tour of some of the darker history the Desoto had to offer, including the tragic death of a little girl named Ruby, who at age eight was struck by a car just outside the theatre, brought into the theatre, and died with her eyes still open...watching a movie that was still playing inside!

Besides the belief that Ruby's ghost still lingers amongst the rows of stadium seating, is the belief that a more aggressive maleviolent spectre stalks the back hallways. We went in with a clear head, as most investigators should, but besides the usual shadow figure or unexplained sound...we had no real substantial experience (at least as far as I was concerned). Berry however, being a father himself, did experience what he believes was Ruby trying to get his attention on several occassions.

This exploration marks the first ever paranormal investigation of the Desoto Theatre, with the hopes that we'll be allowed to come back. Right now the guys of SPi are reviewing the hours of IR footage and sound bites. I'll keep you in touch with any evidence that emerges!

I'd like to personally thank the management staff of the Desoto Theatre for their cooperation and generosity of allowing us to investigate their beautiful structure, as well as thanking Chris and Berry, who are in my opinion, two of the most professional, scientific and fantastic investigators I've had the pleasure of working with. I hope to work with them again in the future!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chieftain Museum, Rome, Georgia

Got back just a little while ago from the first paranormal investigation for the Rome Tribune. We investigated the Chieftain Museum, a little historical house with some fantastic historical artifacts varying from native American memorabilia to murder weapons of Civil War officers.

The investigation was filmed by the Rome Tribune and featured myself along with two investigators of Southern Paranormal Investigators (SPi), Chris and Berry. The guys were great to work with and we all shared similar techniques and ideologies of investigating the paranormal.

Our ghost hunt began at around 8pm and lasted til close to midnight. While we would have preferred a longer investigation we had a limited time there. We did collect a lot of data via IR camera and voice recorders, so we have our hands full for the next couple of days. SPi had investigated the place before and the coordinator of the museum shared a lot of interesting history with us. All of this will be revealed via the Rome Tribune's website, due out in September.

Nothing really especially exciting happened tonight, but I felt that the Cheiftain Museum didn't really house anything too extreme in the haunting department, but, tomorrow, the boys of SPi and I will investigate the Desoto Theatre! MORE TO COME!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road to Rome

My good friend Alex Scarborough, a journalist for the Rome News-Tribune in Rome, Georgia has invited me to the small northern Georgia town to conduct an investigation of two historic buildings, the Desoto Theater and the Chieftains Museum. Both investigations will be recorded for online multi-media functions for the Tribune's website as well as a featured interview with yours truly for their newspaper.

Also joining me on the investigation will be a team of paranormal investigators based in the area. It's a great opportunity to branch out and work with other investigators, as well as promote Flagler's Few and possibly if I'm upcoming TV show. :-P

Stay tune, I travel to Rome on Monday, July 20th and will be investigating the buildings on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll post some videos for your viewing pleasure as well.

For now, back to my investigation in West Chester, PA.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Psychics in the Paranormal

As a paranormal investigator facts matter to me. I feel that without scientific basis it will forever be impossible to gain credibility and approval from the masses on the workings of the paranormal world and the possibility of the after life. Most paranormal investigators use nothing but scientifically proven techniques to verify and confirm their findings. However, seeing as the paranormal itself is unproven, why is it we can't seek other techniques to find our answers?

I have to be vague when talking on this, but today I finished an investigation working with mediums rather then fellow paranormal investigators. I can't say much more then that right now, but what I can say is that despite my scientific background in the supernatural I was intrigued by what the psychics found.

Psychics get a bad wrap. Most of the time it's justified. In my experience a "psychic" is a dime a dozen. Every street you turn down you can find a palm reader, a fortune teller, a psychic or a medium selling their skills at high prices. Other times you find people who claim to have psychic abilities but fall short on providing the goods.

However, in my opinion, it might be that true psychics do exist in one way or another and that hopefully someday paranormal investigators and psychics alike can cooperate together in helping clients and families find peace in dealing with haunting and other paranormal incidents. While I am still far from being a true believer, I think there might be something to be said for their techniques.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Apologies for lack of updates...

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I've been engaged in some new business as of late, but I promise to upload something very soon! Don't worry though, I brought my pages with me to work on while I'm traveling on business.

So just a minor hick up, expect some new developments soon.

Book still on schedule!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Guest on Strange Frequencies Radio

On July 5th, I'll be a guest on Bobby Nelson's and Jason Korbus's paranormal talk show, Strange Frequencies Radio. We'll be discussing the latest about Flagler's Few. I'll also be revealing something BIG that's happening on the horizon so you'll definitely want to tune into this mid-day talk show!

The show starts at 3pm (est), but I won't be on til the second hour at 4pm. But, make sure you tune in for the before and after interviews as these guys are sure to put on a stellar show!

See you there! You won't want to miss it!

Also forgot to mention, check out the paranormal share site, Paranormal Portal for the write up about Flagler's Few. I give a rather long quote. Thanks to Angela of S.O.S. Tidewater for the opportunity!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flagler's Few UNITE!

Book One is nearing completion (art-wise anyways) and I'll be releasing the novel as soon as I can.

A lot has been going on in my world and I'm happy to say that while it will mean a lot more responsibility and focus, it doesn't mean that my art time will suffer! In fact, the latest developments in my life actually are going to be helping me spend more time on my paranormal and storytelling endeavors and I hope that you all will be sticking around to see what I have set on the horizon!

So here's a little taste of Katherine Kasenow's book cover designs for Flagler's Few books one and two. Her designs of the characters are a little bit more fluid and stream-lined then mine, but I think that it will compliment my work very well!

More yet to come, and I'll be revealing my "BIGGER PROJECT" on July 8th. You're thinking: "What could be bigger then the completion of his first graphic novel?" Well, I'll tell you what's bigger on that date. So don't phase out on me just yet!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Interview with Terri Garofalo, creator of "Entities-R-Us"

I came across "Entities-R-Us" via the wonders of Twitter one day. At first I have to admit a little bit of jealousy that someone beat me to the bunch about creating a comic about ghost hunters (I know, I know, Scooby Doo came first really, but let's not count that!). However, after given the time to calm down I found that "Entities-R-Us" is a fun daily stripe that deserves center stage when it comes to light-hearted, good-humored paranormality. Thus, this brings us to the stripes creator, Terri J. Garofalo.

Terri has been in cartoons since the later-cretaceous period ( i.e. high school). Writing many different strips over the years, she has come close to syndication, but not quite there. Entities-R-Us, Ghost Hunter Comic was the last straw. While it got positive reviews, the syndicates wouldn’t take it on. Nothing gets done unless you buck up and do it yourself. Enter, the web comic.

Entities-R-Us was launched on September 18, 2008. It’s a cartoon about a group of ghost hunters and their insane experiences. Since Terri is an investigator herself, she often includes “case studies” of actual hunts. The ghosts in ERU have a say and are very much a part of the character list. Some of the more interesting cartoons evolve from the spiritual perspective.

ERU originated within a previous comic strip endeavor called “In Spirit”. The story of a skeptic poet named Woodsworth who moves into a haunted trailer in the woods. Entities-R-Us is called to come in and “hunt” the ghost. That aspect was more amusing than the rest of the comic, except Fred, the ghost.

Woodsworth’s experiences parallel Terri’s own first paranormal experience. That one event sparked the beginning of a spiritual journey that she has been on ever since and Entities is a part of.

Terri is also a fine artist (of multiple media), graphic designer/illustrator, and equestrian.

ARF: So Terri, of all the things to draw comics about...ghosts? Why?

TJG: Ah... long arduous answer and when I'm done you'll commit me to the insanity ward. In the 90's I had one of those clear, vivid dreams. Jim Morrison of the Doors knocked on my door. I answered and he proceeded to show me how I was supposed to draw him if he was still alive and living as a recluse in the woods.
That was too weird for me - not being a huge Doors fan and merely an appreciator of the music. So, I drew the character, teamed him up with the recluse of Elvis and created a comic strip that went absolutely nowhere... except into my own slush pile.
Flash forward to 2006. I begin hearing Doors songs EVERWHERE I go - in the car, in malls, everytime the radio is on. I've learned to listen to signs. So, I drag out the character AGAIN... This time I make him a recluse poet named Woodsworth who retreats from society. Instead of Elvis, it dawns on me to give him a more elusive roommate, a ghost named Fred. Thus, the comic strip "In Spirit" was born. To that, I added a communicator for Woodsy in the form of the psychic Erna. I needed a group of ghost hunters, so in 30 minutes I had Arno, Merv and the Entities-R-Us Microbus.
I submitted this cartoon for syndication. I had a lot of good response on it, but no takers. It was nagging me that the Entities-R-Us guys over-ran the strip. Also, the ghost was awesome. Another sign cropped up... "" was not available, but was! That did it. I began a new comic based on the ghost hunters I drew in minutes...
ARF: Is the team from Entities-R-Us based off friends specifically or have you changed them a bit?

TJG: I'm not sure where these characters evolved from, they just showed up for me. Arno has a lot of my interests - a zealous interest in the unknowns like ghosts, yeti, lockness monster, UFOs for instance. The original drawings ripped off Ghost Hunter Dustin Pari's hair... The now version evolved into the weird buffant just through repetitive drawing. The ironic thing is it looks exactly like one of the first comic characters I drew, a rabbit named Radar.
Merv is just a goofball... He is what I would envision as a technician for a rock band. He's really loose, burnt and mellow. I don't think he cares about the paranormal as much as he's into the equipment. Again, he's no one I know personally. Ironically, he's beginning to show some signs of intelligence! Perhaps he's not as fried as I thought?
Erna looks pretty much like I did in my "hippie" days. One day I'll post a picture that will freak everyone out! Erna is at a spiritual point in her life where she's completely patient, unconditionally loving etc... something I strive for, but have yet to even come close to!
Vlad is Vlad... what a demonologist should be. A little goth don't ya think?
Carl & Thor are the ghosts who show up for Ouija Nite. These guys are sort of based on the old Asterix Comics that my Latin teacher brought in for all us High Schoolers to check out. Thor is pretty much a Visgoth and Carl a Roman soldier. They are just like any regulars you might meet in your local bar for Ouija Nite.

ARF:What has been the general response from your readers? What do they take from your strips?

TJG: Response has been great. Many readers are paranormal investigators themselves, so they relate to the 'goings-ons'. The investigators from my team run out the strips and wallpaper their offices. Some regulars are just fans of ghost hunter TV shows. Some have spiritual leanings.

ARF: During paranormal investigations, what do you find to be the most necessary piece of equipment?

TJG: A clear mind. If your mind is really busy, you will miss much. I also rely mostly on my digital voice recorder and my trusty camera. You're more apt to hear a voice, than get pictures or video.

ARF: What materials and tools do you use to make Entities-R-Us. In other words, take us through the process of making one of your strips.

TJG: Again, it's the mind. I keep a pad handy since ideas tend to just show up. Often I come home from an investigation with a huge need to write stuff down. I have cartoon entire investigations - which is really fun!
Drawing: I begin sketching with pencil. I use a template for exterior and divide them up into boxes as I draw. I tend to be quite loose in my format. (I've always hated boxes and restrictions.) My drawing works best in a gestural sense, so I like to keep the entire feel of the comic like that. I use the old fashioned bottle of ink and quill pens for the drawing. I hand-letter with a worn out quill that gives me the letter thickness I prefer. The boxes are hand done with a brush. I make every attempt to follow my straight pencil line, but if I veer off course a tad, I don't lose any sleep. Just like in my watercolors, my comics have little "happy accidents" some of which I leave - Whiteout is my friend!

ARF: Anything else on the horizon?

TJG: Yes, I'm working on a book. It's not going to be a standard collection of comics, it will be a little historical about the evolution of Entities. I also want to include various paranormal experiences.

ARF: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me Terri.

TJG: You're welcome! Honored to be here! I want to thank you and everyone who has helped bolster this adventure of mine.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flagler's Few's First Gallery Show!

In downtown Savannah sits a quaint little smoothie cafe called "Smooth" (simply put huh?). It's refreshing smoothies and well prepared lunches are a perfect compliment to the beautiful historic district of Savannah, Georgia.

Smooth has everything needed for a leisure luncheon, drinks, food, desert, books, a cozy place to sit and of course artwork. Infact, the owners of Smooth like to showcase local art on a weekly to monthly basis and they get everything from professional paintings to student made concentrations.

And this month, they showcase the first ever "Flagler's Few" full-scale artwork.

The first pages of Chapter 3 (inked and lettered) are displayed nicely in the back half of the shop. It's an honest little display, but from humble beginnings comes great things right? So if you're in the local area, stop by Smooth, check out the artwork and grab a smoothie.

(I suggest the "Awesome Acai")

Monday, June 15, 2009

Professor Jeremy Mullins (1977-2009)

On a fall evening in 2006 I attended the Comic Arts Forum Introductory Gallery Opening (or whatever they call it). It was a pretty important time in my life. It was my second year at SCAD, I was coming into my own at Norris Hall, and I was eying a cute girl and Tracy Yardley (artist for Sonic the Hedgehog comics) all at the same time. :-P

But, besides all that it was also the day I met Jeremy Mullins, future Sequential Art Professor. In all honesty I smirked to myself when I first saw him. The guy didn't look much older then a graduate student, and he wore this ridiculously polished suit. Still, the guy had a good sense about him and was a real pleasure to talk to out on the street in front of the gallery.

It would only be a matter of months before I stumbled into a little known class called "Self-promotion" which was taught by Mr. Mullins, and any sense of him being a push-over, green-behind-the-ears teacher was immediately kicked out the door. This guy was looking to bust some heads with his strict class agendas and no-nonsense teachings. I went in looking for an easy "A" and came out with more street smarts in the business then I knew what to do with.

The guy had dedication! Especially to his students! I remember he would come in on weekends to help me with projects. He even helped redesign the "ARFstudios" paw-print into something a bit trendier and more stylish (look all over blog for the paw, you'll see Jeremy Mullen's handi-work).

The especially great thing about Jeremy would be the words he'd throw out in conversations. My favorite Jeremy lingo being "Janky". If there was something not looking right in your art, it wasn't "wrong" it was "I don't know about that ghost in the corner...he's looking a little janky." But, whatever the words he used it was never in a manner of talking down to you. Jeremy made you feel like you were one of his pals.

I ran into Jeremy only minutes after I graduated this past May. I shook his hand and thanked him for what he had done for me. He smiled the same warm smile and gave a reassuring approval that I, like so many other students he taught and mentored, were ready for the world...even if the world wasn't ready for us.

That was the last time I spoke with Jeremy Mullins, the last time I'd see him would be on Broughton Street, two blocks ahead of me. I knew it was him because my attention was focused on a glimmering object which was of course his very well polished bald-head, attached to a perfectly groomed, taillored suit. Looking back, it's sort of surreal having only seen Jeremy from he walked away...and then turned a corner.

Life is always precious, and we often take it for granted. While we usually expect to lose people in all manners of ways, we never expect really the abruptness of it. It's usually long and agonizing or justified and stupid. You can say "He had it coming." or "He was suffering for so long." but neither come into play with Jeremy Mullins, an outstanding gentleman with a great sense of honor and inspiration.

To the whole situation Jeremy, I call it "pretty janked up", but it goes without saying you will continue to inspire and teach no matter where you are.

Take care!

(Check out Mullins's website , but be warned, it's graphic!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Which Witch?

Centuries ago we were persecuting women who used herbal remedies or kept to themselves, claiming them to be witches and either burning them at the stake or throwing them in rivers. The witch hunts that went on were a devastating and cruel part of our history that even reached the shores of the future United States of America.

But today, all over the world, the "witch" gets a very different wrap. Part of it is thanks to the better understandings science and modern medicines (no longer considered the potions and spells of the dark arts), part of it is thanks to the rising interest in the religions of Wicca (not to be mistaken as some sort of magical cult) and of course part of it is thanks to the writings of one middle-aged british woman who writes about a little bispeckled boy who discovered he was a wizard.

Soon, come this Halloween (if all goes as planned) the arrival of another fictional spell-caster will make her mark on the literary world. I speak of course of Miss Alison Stewart or as she prefers to be called, Raven.

I came up with Raven as the answer to the "female equation". I felt Flagler's Few needed a strong female character. While Claire plays the damsel in distress, I didn't want my feminist friends to ridicule me for not having a woman who can stand up for herself. Not only that, but I wanted a bit of magic and mystery in the original group and so Raven solves the problem on both counts.

When I was preparing to film "Flagler's Few" I had a hell of a time finding a female to portray Raven, but the answer arrived via AOL Profile Search. Yes, sad to say I got my actress via stocking the web-verse. Her name was Yvonne Droese and she was a theatre major at U.F.

When my assistant director (my sister) and I sat down with Yvonne at a Chipotle diner on University Ave. I was immediately impressed with Yvonne's professionalism and so I agreed to give her a copy of the script. She read it and eagerly agreed to lend her talents. While her character appeared in fewer scenes then any of the other cast her scenes were definitely far and beyond excellence and she gave most of her male co-stars a run for their money when it came to expressing the character.

Today, as I scribble the pages of "Flagler's Few" and come upon the chance to draw Raven, I find that it was Miss Droese, like Jujuan Burton, Jon Lane and Talon May, who made the character something original. She changed Raven from simply a practicing witch, into a smart, classy and intelligent character. After the film was shown at Gator Cinema, her character was praised by the audience, and much later she herself thanked me for the chance to play the role.

All I can say today to Yvonne Droese is, thank you for introducing me to Raven.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Napoleon Haunting?

Our first stop on our haunted tour of downtown St. Augustine takes us to a little pink house on a lonely corner of the residential area. At one time, this home supposedly belonged to a family member of Napoleon Bonaparte. Today while it still stands, it seems the Bonaparte's no longer inhabit it...or do they?

More pages to come soon, and keep a look out for updates on "Flagler's Few" appearing in paranormal magazines. I'm working out the kinks to the pages, but you might be able to pick up something sooner then you think. ;-)

Til next time me matey's!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Now for a change of pace, the latest "Pirate Chronicles" episode showcases Talon May and his amazing ability to wield fire in the palm of his hands...ok...maybe not quite the palms, but closer then some might like to be to it.

Enjoy the show, and remember, DON'T DO THIS AT HOME KIDS!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special Thanks To...

Thanks to all the Paranormal Agencies and Investigators who have lent a hand and donated various "paranormal tips" for use in Flagler's Few. Those of you who don't know, each chapter of this upcoming book will feature an investigative tip/quote from different paranormal groups across the nation.

I've received a lot of positive feedback, and was honored that so many teams answered my call. This is a perfect example of the inter-networking and community collaboration that the paranormal society should be based in. I will of course promote the groups via my book.

The following are groups that have donated tips thus far:

Michael Carrico of Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations

Larry Braziel of Research Investigators of the Paranormal, Inc.

Craig Kimmel of Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Association

Emmi Grossard, Paranormal Producer of NorCal Ghost Talk

Candice Shatkins of Kenosha Paranormal

Terry Hofer of S.P.C.T.R.

Jonas Brihammar of Ghost Augustine

Angela of S.O.S. Tidewater Paranormal Research

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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Prologue...

So I will get chastised for this, but I just couldn't handle the frustrations and time-consuming nature that comes with using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or Indesign to make word bubbles for my pages. So I bought the program Comic Life, and I have to say...for the most part...this program is fun and stress-free!

I was able to letter 6 pages in less then an hour or so once I got the hang of it, and now for your viewing pleasure the first six pages of Flagler's Few penciled, inked, and lettered! I'm considering going back and possibly re-doing these pages because I've improved a lot as an artist since the time I did them, and a few editors have mentioned this to me.

Enjoy these for now. :-)