Thursday, July 23, 2009

Desoto Theatre, Rome, Georgia

The Desoto Theatre was at one time the pride and joy of not only Rome Georgia or the entire southern east coast...but of the country itself! Built by O.C. Lam almost a hundred years ago this beautiful theatre served as a "talkie" and then a live stage through its existence. It still stands as a part of Rome's historic district.

Alongside Chris and Berry of Southern Paranormal Investigators, I headed up a team consisting of several of the Rome-Tribune's finest to explore this supposedly haunted locale. Thanks to Jason, one of the theatre's associates, we were given a guided tour of some of the darker history the Desoto had to offer, including the tragic death of a little girl named Ruby, who at age eight was struck by a car just outside the theatre, brought into the theatre, and died with her eyes still open...watching a movie that was still playing inside!

Besides the belief that Ruby's ghost still lingers amongst the rows of stadium seating, is the belief that a more aggressive maleviolent spectre stalks the back hallways. We went in with a clear head, as most investigators should, but besides the usual shadow figure or unexplained sound...we had no real substantial experience (at least as far as I was concerned). Berry however, being a father himself, did experience what he believes was Ruby trying to get his attention on several occassions.

This exploration marks the first ever paranormal investigation of the Desoto Theatre, with the hopes that we'll be allowed to come back. Right now the guys of SPi are reviewing the hours of IR footage and sound bites. I'll keep you in touch with any evidence that emerges!

I'd like to personally thank the management staff of the Desoto Theatre for their cooperation and generosity of allowing us to investigate their beautiful structure, as well as thanking Chris and Berry, who are in my opinion, two of the most professional, scientific and fantastic investigators I've had the pleasure of working with. I hope to work with them again in the future!

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