Saturday, September 19, 2009

Panama Monster!

I just caught this online. Evidentially some kids in Panama were being attacked by this thing, but after throwing rocks at it and reportedly "throwing" it into the appeared to have died. Officials claim it to be a fetus, but my opinion is that the arms on this thing are far too developed to be something like that. Check it out!

Embedded video from CNN Video

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rome Tribune Ghost Documentary

Check out the documentary Rome News-Tribune put together about the ghosts of Rome. I showed you the photos earlier this month, but the videos that they put together are so much better!

I want to thank the Rome Tribune for bringing me on board this project, it was amazing fun leading the investigations into the Chieftain Museum, the Desoto Theatre and the Catacombs of Shorter College.

So I hope you enjoy!




For more footage of the Rome Tribune's investigations into the paranormal, check out their website at:

Monday, September 14, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, Flagler's Few: The Reaper of Saint George Street (Part 1) is FINISHED!

After a year of working on the artwork, I've just completed the artwork. Now comes the much more relaxing task of work bubbling and box placements. It'll be frustrating, but I'll be able to finish it in a fraction of a time!

Still leaning heavily to a October 31st release date!

I'll be posting some word bubbled pages up soon!

Also, if any paranormal investigators are interested, I'll be in St. Augustine attending Saint AuGHOSTine 2009! I'd love to see some friendly faces at what is sure to be a fantastic time! Hurry though, they're already at 80% capacity!