Monday, March 23, 2009

So It Begins...

So today is the day that I officially start down the path to madness. ONE HUNDRED PAGES penciled and inked before May 15th. I will probably end up hating everything about this book by that time...but if you're going to kill yourself...might as well kill yourself doing what you love the most.

I got to say, it's going to be an epic adventure! If I succeed I'll have broken the record for pages completed during Senior Project in the Sequential Art program at SCAD. The current record holder is the amazing Jarrett Williams, who if you haven't seen his work I recommend you check out under my "fellow artist" links.

To have you all fully understand how ridiculously insane this project is...I've attached a link to the video below. This is a mobisode for a little series you might have heard of called "LOST". Just cut and paste yours truly in the place of Matthew Fox.

Seeya off the island!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This week in the news...

Here's the image of the week! I actually have a favor to anyone willing to give their opinion. I was thinking of having the dogs in the lower corner switched in each owner's hand. Like the female dog matching the woman should be switched so she's in the male dog owner's hand, and vise versa. Post a comment and let me know if you think that would work better.

Also in today's news, I'll be appearing on NorCal Ghost Hunters Radio Show on March 29th. Even cooler is the fact that my interview comes right in between the interviews of two TAPS team members, Brian Harnois and Donna LaCroix. So check out the show on Sunday night 9pm (est).

You can even call in and ask questions!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Truth behind photography

Paranormal photography has been a fascination to both professionals and amateur ghost hunters alike. It's also a favorite pass time for tourists. Most of the time photos show nothing more then "orbs" which can often be the plight of paranormal investigators and the gag used by many inexperienced tour guides.

Here's an example of "orbs":

To those that don't know. Orbs are often believed to be paranormal, but more then usual are just dust or condensation on the lens. Real orbs have been stated to be electro-magnetic energy which is believed to be responsible for forming the corporal form of a real apparition. Still, orbs remain the most common "ghost" photography.

However, on rare occasions a gem of a photo can be found, something beyond the usual. Below are a few ghost photographs taken by tourists I've met on my tour. Some are legitimate haunts, while others are still open to discussion. Skeptic will continue to break them apart and search for plausible they should, but for now let them remain things to baffle the mind.

Check out more fascinating ghost images in Doctor Melyvn Willin's books: Ghost Caught on Film and Paranormal these are both great sources for paranormal photography and Dr. Willin presents them in a scientific and well thought out manner.

This post is dedicated to the girls from Arkansas U, thanks for joining my ghost tour and have a ghost-free spring break! :-)

Chapter 3 almost finished!

So I've almost finished with chapter 3, and just in time. My Senior Project class will start next week when SCAD goes back in session for Spring Quarter and then I'll be in full swing to finish up the book. As I stated earlier, my goal is to finish 3 pages each work day until the book is complete.

Also on another high note, Kate Kasenow has nearly completed the book cover illustrations for Flagler's Few Part 1 and Part 2. I'm really excited to see how they turned out, and will be sure to share at least the design for the first cover with all of you visiting the blog site.

In Saint Augustine right now and planning to head out to collect some more reference photos. Will post some artwork on the site soon!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Travelling with Pirates

As some of you may know, from late March to early May I will be SLAVING over my drafting table to finish Flagler's Few before June. I plan on finishing at least 4 pages a day. I also plan to spend most of my days working on the book, in Saint Augustine Florida to really get in the mood and feel of the story.

And what author's journey is complete without his muse...or...errr muses? I'll be inviting both Talon May and Jujuan Burton, the friends who inspired the characters of Merryweather and Captain Roger Blimes. Both friends played the characters in the film I made back in 2005.

Plans are to stay a night at the Pirate's Haus Hostile, venture around the city's night life, and maybe even par-take in a ghost investigation of our own while we're about. I'll of course be working feverishly to finish the book, but a little down time to rest my hand will be in order.

I'm also planning on taking some video recordings with this entertaining duo and hope to post it on the blogspot!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Designing Saint Augustine's Night Life

I finished off page 30. In the book the transitions between day and night are signaled by the borders of the pages going either white or black. On this page, you see the first transition from day to night with some pretty interesting establishing shots of Saint Augustine.

I'll be posting some pages with word balloons soon, so stick around!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meet Victor...

Who is Victor and what is his role in Flagler's Few?

Keep checking in to learn more!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The importance of skepticism

In Flagler's Few, the lead character William Garrings is an avid skeptic...even when confronted with the unexplained.

It's important to the validity of paranormal research to remain skeptic, or to at least have a fair share of skeptics involved. It would be easy for anyone to "claim" something was paranormal or supernatural, but without the scientific basis to back it up, or without an outside opinion or view, it would be easy to have a number of non-paranormal events be thrown into the mix and upset the uniqueness of the REAL paranormal.

In the book, while Will is the hero and main protagonist, his skeptic side is set to make the fictional aspects more spectacular and to play towards the skeptic in all of us...because even the most avid of believers...can't help but be a little unsure deep down.

But, can Will become a believer in time to save the day? Or will skepticism go too far and leave Claire in danger? You'll have to read the book to find out. ;-)