Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flagler's Few UNITE!

Book One is nearing completion (art-wise anyways) and I'll be releasing the novel as soon as I can.

A lot has been going on in my world and I'm happy to say that while it will mean a lot more responsibility and focus, it doesn't mean that my art time will suffer! In fact, the latest developments in my life actually are going to be helping me spend more time on my paranormal and storytelling endeavors and I hope that you all will be sticking around to see what I have set on the horizon!

So here's a little taste of Katherine Kasenow's book cover designs for Flagler's Few books one and two. Her designs of the characters are a little bit more fluid and stream-lined then mine, but I think that it will compliment my work very well!

More yet to come, and I'll be revealing my "BIGGER PROJECT" on July 8th. You're thinking: "What could be bigger then the completion of his first graphic novel?" Well, I'll tell you what's bigger on that date. So don't phase out on me just yet!

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