Friday, January 22, 2010


Flagler College's newspaper, The Gargoyle, is running an article on Flagler's Few and the Reaper of Saint George Street written by staff writer Kaitlyn Teabo. You can view it on their site. The article will also be featured in the Gargoyle's print edition.

A couple of weeks ago I received word from the newspaper's editor who told me he really enjoyed being able to recognize places in the city in the book. This was a great compliment, seeing as I specifically designed the book to get that reaction!

In appreciation to the newspaper, and to any Flagler college student reading, below is a page featuring the main hall in the central building. I'm releasing this page for viewing pleasure of all, but hope Flagler students enjoy it especially seeing as it's their college in the book! This is page 28 in the next Flagler Few book, Flagler's Few and Victor's Revenge. Check it out this summer when it's released!

Til then, enjoy!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's Andre?

I'll be a guest on's "para 411" live conference with Michelle Ayers and Jen Brown on January 26th. This will be my first live-cam interview, and I'll be broadcasting right from the official ARF Studios in Savannah, GA.

On February 16th, I'll return to Paranormal Podcast to chat it up with Jim Harold. However, Jim's podcast will only be recorded on this date, and will be up for iTune viewing pleasure in the months following. I will keep you posted.

In March, I will be in Saint Augustine to serve as one of two guests of honor for the grand opening of "Ghost Augustine's Ghost Equipment Store". The other guest of honor is rumored to be Susan Slaughter from Ghost Hunters Academy. I'll be signing copies of Flagler's Few, talking about my next book and trying to talk Susan into doing a little ghost hunting around town...

April 11th I will be a guest on Dead Air Paranormal Talk Radio at 10pm EST.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Flagler's Few and Victor's Revenge: Prologue

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great holiday! While you all partied, I continued work on Flagler's Few and Victor's Revenge, and thanks to my beloved mother, I got a great 11x17 scanner. So the first thing I decided to scan was the prologue pages to the next book and wanted to bring you this preview for all my loyal readers and followers!

Hope you enjoyed it, and look for Flagler's Few and Victor's Revenge on sale in May 2010, both on here, Lulu, Amazon and select stores in Saint Augustine, Florida!