Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Special Thanks To...

Thanks to all the Paranormal Agencies and Investigators who have lent a hand and donated various "paranormal tips" for use in Flagler's Few. Those of you who don't know, each chapter of this upcoming book will feature an investigative tip/quote from different paranormal groups across the nation.

I've received a lot of positive feedback, and was honored that so many teams answered my call. This is a perfect example of the inter-networking and community collaboration that the paranormal society should be based in. I will of course promote the groups via my book.

The following are groups that have donated tips thus far:

Michael Carrico of Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations

Larry Braziel of Research Investigators of the Paranormal, Inc.

Craig Kimmel of Pennsylvania Paranormal Research Association

Emmi Grossard, Paranormal Producer of NorCal Ghost Talk

Candice Shatkins of Kenosha Paranormal

Terry Hofer of S.P.C.T.R.

Jonas Brihammar of Ghost Augustine

Angela of S.O.S. Tidewater Paranormal Research

Kelly and Diana Elkins of P.I.T.O.N.

John Eagen of Sarasota Paranormal Investigation and Research

Mark Keyes of Pennsylvania Paranormal Association

If any other investigative groups want to donate tips, please e-mail me at

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