Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Released today! The next volume in the Flagler's Few series, Lost Souls of Savannah, is officially out and available via your favorite retailer, including Amazon! Purchase your copy here.

In this edition, the focus is on the origin story of Victor, and how the helpful spirit from The Reaper of St. George Street, came to be. Set in the majestic city of Savannah, Georgia in the midst of the depression, Lost Souls of Savannah is jam packed with history, mystery and folklore! Unlike it's predecessor, many of the ghosts are familiar tales to the city of Savannah, and the subject of many of my spooky stories during my ghost tour guiding days!

Introducing inker, Ryan English, who puts his special touch to my illustrations, I think it will be safe to say you will love this book with every ounce of your very soul!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Recent Commission Artwork!

 The first is a piece of fan art for my old High School friend, Stephanie. Her cousin is a huge fan of the old Disney's Robin Hood, so I did a Wanted Poster for her upcoming birthday!

 The next one is a quick 2-hour illustration from start to finish. My friend Sabrina is a big Pokemon fan, and I never ever drew a Pokemon in my life, but I will admit, it was a lot of fun!

The final one is a cover concept for Trevor Cooley's "Bowl of Souls" Fantasy Novel series. Trevor wanted some more detail done to the rendering, so I call this an "Under Construction" piece. The final will be released soon for your viewing pleasure!