Tuesday, May 12, 2009

St. Augustine Archaeological Association

I was walking down Cuna Street, taking some reference photos a few months ago for the book, and I ran into a strange group of people working on an empty grassy plot. At first I thought it was a construction crew, working on a city work order or something...but as I drew closer I saw the people working in the lot were of all different ages (young to old) and looked waaaaay too happy to be working on some main line.

What I had stumbled upon, was the Saint Augustine Archaeological Association.

S.A.A.A. is a non-profit group that is well respected in the St. Augustine area and seems to work in conjucture with the city of St. Augustine, as well as Flagler College. Their mission is to educate and preserve the city's ancient artifacts and heritage. The group works on sites in and around the city and welcomes new members and visitors to join their historical investigations.

I just received my membership certificate (membership was under $15 for a year) and it covers my participation on future digs, meetings and seminars. Anyone who's into history and lives in the general area or is willing to travel to partcipate I highly suggest you look into joining this team!

Archaeology goes hand in hand with the paranormal, because to understand history is to better understand the paranormal.

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