Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Editor's Day

SCAD puts on once a month, an event where they invite all the big publishing companies to come visit the students and review their portfolios for potential hiring or publishing. We call it "Editor's Day" and to many it's the next best thing to Christmas.

In all honest, RARELY do the editors actually pick up anyone's stories or hire artists to work for the company on their projects. I personally think it's more of a vacation for the editors (no offense to any editor's reading) but, I also think a lot of students get their hopes up too high.

The REAL benefit of the meet-and-greet event is to get some face time with the usually way-too-busy people who rule our world. See how they approach and review your work, and learn and accept from their critiques.

On Friday, I'll be submitting Flagler's Few to the editors of Oni Press, Dark Horse and Slave Labor Graphics to gauge their response to the idea of a REAL paranormal graphic. I'll be promoting the three elements (comic, history and paranormal guide) and take their feedback into consideration.

I'm totally prepared for the worst, which is what you usually should be, but you got to remain positive in these situations as well. You never know what fate throws you. It's going to be a very difficult, stressful and tricky day getting my foot in the door of all three editors (especially since I'm only scheduled to see Dark Horse "officially") , but, I'll be sure to fill you all in as soon as I'm out of the lions den.

Wish me luck!

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