Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wragg House Investigation (Follow-up)

Hey folks!

So we finished the investigation a few nights ago and we're still going through the evidence. Until there's more to show you, I thought I'd give you a few interesting photos of the house. We didn't have any paranormal experiences what so ever, despite how creepy the house was. I did get a lot of dust in my throat, but nothing to say right off the house is haunted.

Whether the video and sound comes out as a plus, I must say the house was an amazing piece of history regardless of being haunted or not. Like I said before, it had never been wired for you can imagine the last time someone must have lived there. The original 1820's wall paper was still on the walls!!!

Great team. They were all professional, and it helps that they're all working in sound and film as a career. We'll be putting together a professional video and of course add in our findings. If we find nothing, at least the house is documented as having an initial paranormal investigation with negative paranormal activity. That doesn't mean it's NOT haunted, but it means 1/1 investigations prove negative.

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