Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pirate Chronicles Part 1


Finally figured out how to use iMovie, and now I'm cruising along and editing the several videos for the Pirate Chronicles. The first one here is my friend Talon May who played Professor Merryweather in the film adaptation of "Flagler's Few", and he talks a bit about the character.

The sound quality is pretty bad thanks to the wind kicking up on the beach, so please bare through the first minute or so. It'll clear up right before we get started talking about the book.

Also, as promised, here are some new pages to show you guys. In honor of Talon and Jujuan doing these short video casts, I decided to show you the first glimpse of Merryweather in the book, and an excerpt of Roger fighting some thugs.

Til the next time fellow Pirates!!!

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