Thursday, April 9, 2009


I decided to jump on the band wagon and join Twitter. While I still don't understand the massive craze it has sparked, I figured it'd be a nice addition to my blog page. So if you look to the direct right of this post, you'll see I can do moment-by-moment updates of what I'm working on.  I'll still be posting pages and vital info via the blog, but this is just an extra status-updater.

On other news, I'm in Saint Augustine again working more on reference photos. I'll be heading home tomorrow, but I got some work done. I'll be returning in two weeks along with Jujuan Burton and Talon May to film some "podcast" interviews with the men responsible for bringing to life Professor Merryweather and Captain Roger Blimes.

Look for more pics to come soon, as well as FLAGLER'S FEW the film...on YOUTUBE!!!

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