Monday, October 25, 2010

Flagler's Few: Short Film Project

Lights! Camera! Action!

That's what was going on this past weekend in Saint Augustine, Florida, the setting of the all new, Flagler's Few: Short Film. I was allowed to sneak onto the set and watch the Flagler College film school shoot a 30 minute version of my graphic novel.

I met the crew last month and was very glad to see a great group of people taking the reigns of a project I hold really close to my heart. I was eager to see what they were up to, so I drove into town and watched. It was like driving back to 2005 and seeing the filming of the first movie (except with better cameras, sound equipment, and lighting!)

The team has assembled a new cast. While at first I was worried about some of the changes, I discovered how enthusiastic these new actors were with the characters and the filming. They really took these characters to some new levels, and I really liked the guy playing Will Garring, he reminded me of Mike McVicar's portrayal of the character in the original film: honest and good natured with a tinge of cockiness (sorry Mike!). As for Victor, the actor casted to take over for my close friend, Jon Lane, brought a sort of vaudeville spice to the Victor character. Not my vision of the character...but well executed and sure to be a crowd favorite!

The Reaper will remain unchanged, however, I am delighted to say that after discussing things with director/professor Mark Huelsbeck, we'll be able to hire my friend Steve Withers of Swithdrawn Productions. He'll provide some viz effects to make the Reaper appear more ghostlike and less like a person in a cape and red mask! :-P

Overall, I'm excited! Filming is estimated to be finished in mid-November. I'll report more as I learn myself!

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