Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Interview with Jim Harold!

Got a chance to speak with Jim Harold of Paranormal Podcast! Jim was the first ever radio host I interviewed with a year or so ago in the paranormal field about Flagler's Few. Check out our chat about my book, fiction in the paranormal/supernatural field and my thoughts on the direction of paranormal television.

Thanks Jim!

Click here for the link to the podcast!


Lord Zaboem said...

Hello Andre,

I just learned aboutg FLAGER'S FEW by listening to this interview. Being a ghost tour guide myself in Saint Augustine, I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't already know about you or the book. I will try to find the book tomorrow at All Books & Comics (or failing at that, order online). I will definitely be in touch. For now, I just wanted you to know that the interview is working.

Andre said...


Thanks so much for checking it out, but you won't find it at All Books & Comics (but I should probably deliver them some copies). It is for sale at "Ghost Augustine", "Ghostly Experience", the used book store across from Flagler, and of course the Flagler College bookshop! With the next book released should be available all over by then!

Lord Zaboem said...

Yo Andre,

I read it & loved it. Can you get Flager's Few listed on Amazon? If so, I will write a glowing review for it. If not, then pick the review site of your choice, and I will write a review for that one instead.

The next time you find yourself in Saint Augustine, I suggest visiting the gift shops at Old Florida Museum and The Old Jail. Neither are carrying your book yet, but both deal with a LOT of school kids who might get a kick of it.

Andre Frattino said...

Lord Zaboem,

Thanks man! I'd love to get them into both, but OTT is slow to act, even though I got a request for a copy by the General Manager.

Have you read the second one yet? Flagler College just finished making a short film about it.

Next time, I'm in town I'd love to follow on one of your ghost tours. Who do you work for?

Lord Zaboem said...

Let's see...

Old Florida Museum is in the same family of companies as Ghost Tours of Saint Augustine which does carry the books. It could be that no one has yet approached the Tracy, the manager of OFM about it. Karen typically decides what the store carries, but she might not trust my judgement. I can ask if you like.

Old Town Trolley is the company for which I work currently. I have mentioned the book to the gift shop crew in the context of 'look at this cool book I am reading.' It was mentioned then that someone (maybe you) spoke with them about carrying the book. I honestly don't know what they are planning.

There is a new independant attraction in town, the Pirate and Treasure Museum, which might be interested if you haven't spoken with someone there already.

Thanks for the offer, but I have not given a ghost tour in a few years. I conducted A Ghostly Experience walking tour, but I burnt out. I think I got out at a good time since there are fewer companies in town now providing tours to much smaller crowds.

No, I haven't seen the second book yet. I will try to pick that up soon.

Which tour to you perform? There is a slim chance I might be in Savanah next week.

Andre Frattino said...

Yeah, I have spoken with Kimber Ponce, and she's been nice enough to continue carrying my book at the Ghostly Experience location, I originally dealt with Susan (was that who owned/managed it before?)

David, the General Manager of OTT was interested in my book. I used to be an assistant manager of OTT Ghost and Gravestone of Savannah, and I met Chris Belland and Ed Swift 4th, who I gave a copy of the book. I was directed to the Retail Manager of OTT Saint Augustine by the GM, and they were excited at first about it...but no one ever contacted me back, and when I got in touch they sorta didn't give much of an answer.

Ultimately, I'd love for everywhere in Saint Aug to carry the book...but I've been having a difficult time getting some shops to make a committment (especially OTT and the City of Saint Augustine). But, I'm blessed to have the support of Flagler College and hopefully if I'm lucky the book will get more popular and attract the other shops and stores.

I give walking tours in Savannah on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but if you can't make either days I don't mind giving you a private tour on the house! Just shoot me an e-mail! (the e-mail box is on the main page)