Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exorcised Estates

It appears that 108 Ocean Avenue in Amityville is up for sale. You know it better as the Amityville Horror House, the iconic windows of which have recently been altered to sway tourists and fans of the film to stay away.

The house is famed for it's real-life hauntings after the murders of the DeFeo Family back in '74, by the family's son, Ronald. The house would later go on to be owned by Kathleen and George Lutz who's experiences in the house led to the bestselling book and film.

But, it's not the only house up for sale that fits in the category of "exorcised estate". The Hampto-Lillbridge home here in Savannah, Georgia is also up for sale. This house isn't as famous as the Amityville home, but the owner responsible for the restoration back in the 60's, Jim Williams, is best known in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, played in the film by Kevin Spacey. Williams restored the house a block from it's original location, right onto a plot of land that had a burial of over 10 bodies. The house supposedly has poltergeist like hauntings, and Williams himself had it exorciseds before he moved to his more famous estate, Mercer-Williams on Monterey Square. If you walk by the home, you'll notice that there are glass shards along the outside wall...supposedly Williams had a friend in the VooDoo community who might have been responsible for that. Glass shards placed along the outside of a wall are supposed to ward of evil spirits.

Funny thing is, the Hampton House in Savannah is nearly TWICE the asking price of the Amityville Home. Amityville has an asking price of $1.15millions supposedly, whereas last I heard Hampton-Lillbridge is on the market for 2.7million.

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