Monday, March 16, 2009

Truth behind photography

Paranormal photography has been a fascination to both professionals and amateur ghost hunters alike. It's also a favorite pass time for tourists. Most of the time photos show nothing more then "orbs" which can often be the plight of paranormal investigators and the gag used by many inexperienced tour guides.

Here's an example of "orbs":

To those that don't know. Orbs are often believed to be paranormal, but more then usual are just dust or condensation on the lens. Real orbs have been stated to be electro-magnetic energy which is believed to be responsible for forming the corporal form of a real apparition. Still, orbs remain the most common "ghost" photography.

However, on rare occasions a gem of a photo can be found, something beyond the usual. Below are a few ghost photographs taken by tourists I've met on my tour. Some are legitimate haunts, while others are still open to discussion. Skeptic will continue to break them apart and search for plausible they should, but for now let them remain things to baffle the mind.

Check out more fascinating ghost images in Doctor Melyvn Willin's books: Ghost Caught on Film and Paranormal these are both great sources for paranormal photography and Dr. Willin presents them in a scientific and well thought out manner.

This post is dedicated to the girls from Arkansas U, thanks for joining my ghost tour and have a ghost-free spring break! :-)

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