Monday, March 23, 2009

So It Begins...

So today is the day that I officially start down the path to madness. ONE HUNDRED PAGES penciled and inked before May 15th. I will probably end up hating everything about this book by that time...but if you're going to kill yourself...might as well kill yourself doing what you love the most.

I got to say, it's going to be an epic adventure! If I succeed I'll have broken the record for pages completed during Senior Project in the Sequential Art program at SCAD. The current record holder is the amazing Jarrett Williams, who if you haven't seen his work I recommend you check out under my "fellow artist" links.

To have you all fully understand how ridiculously insane this project is...I've attached a link to the video below. This is a mobisode for a little series you might have heard of called "LOST". Just cut and paste yours truly in the place of Matthew Fox.

Seeya off the island!

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