Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Travelling with Pirates

As some of you may know, from late March to early May I will be SLAVING over my drafting table to finish Flagler's Few before June. I plan on finishing at least 4 pages a day. I also plan to spend most of my days working on the book, in Saint Augustine Florida to really get in the mood and feel of the story.

And what author's journey is complete without his muse...or...errr muses? I'll be inviting both Talon May and Jujuan Burton, the friends who inspired the characters of Merryweather and Captain Roger Blimes. Both friends played the characters in the film I made back in 2005.

Plans are to stay a night at the Pirate's Haus Hostile, venture around the city's night life, and maybe even par-take in a ghost investigation of our own while we're about. I'll of course be working feverishly to finish the book, but a little down time to rest my hand will be in order.

I'm also planning on taking some video recordings with this entertaining duo and hope to post it on the blogspot!

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