Monday, December 22, 2008

A Night at the Pirate's Haus

Hey everyone, so I just wanted to catch you all up on my whereabouts. I just finished rough drafting the first three chapter's of Flagler's Few and I'm heading back home for the holidays. I managed to get off from giving tours the weekend following Christmas.

I decided to finally take that trip into Saint Augustine and stay at the Pirate's Haus Hostel. So far it's been a fantastic experience. I was a little concerned at the beginning, having never stayed at a hostel and the idea of sleeping in a dorm room with complete strangers was a bit disturbing. I called the Info center just to get a second outside opinion (despite the countless positive reviews on the site) and was told it was a top knotch place. Especially if you're looking to stay downtown for cheap!

I could have stayed at the beach house, but driving 30 minutes extra into the wilderness of the beach house community (by myself) didn't fit well with me.

I've enjoyed my stay. I've been wandering about the city snapping photos for reference, specifically stuff that had a direct connection with specific scenes. I also decided to go on a ghost tour. Usually my experience with tour guides in Saint Augustine have been iffy at best, but the guide (who had a big old white beard and went by the name Andy) was a master at the craft and we struck up a few conversations. We mostly talked about the history of both Saint Augustine and Savannah as well as how we delt with tourists.

Andy himself is a fictional writer having scribbed a few books and currently working on a series. I also ran across another series based out of the Ancient City entitled "La Vida Vampire" about a vampire ghost tour guide living in the city. I haven't read it yet, but the synopsis sounds interesting and I plan to check out the "competition". :-P

Right now I'm sitting in the kitchen of the Hostel, chatting it up with a French family here visiting their daughter who is interning in Miami as well as several VERY LOUD little girls from Sarasota. I'm busying myself on finished pencils and still plan to have the 3 chapters finished before February of next year.

More to come, and hopefully Jim Harold of Paranormal Podcast will have our interview up soon, so everyone be patient with that.

Happy Holidays!

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