Friday, December 26, 2008

The Head and the Car

This is mostly a note to myself rather then to my viewers, but recently I came across two Florida mysteries that I believe would make FANTASTIC sequels (down the road of course) to "Flagler's Few"

The first I heard while on my latest Ghost Tour in Saint Augustine. The tour guide, Andy, spoke of the famous indian chief Osceola, who died in South Carolina, but who was held in the Castillo De San Marco in Saint Augustine. A doctor assigned to Osceola, Dr. Weedon, who later became a friend decided that at the funeral of the great Seminole, he would remove his head for scientific purposes (as well as to scare his children with). Down the road the head was dedicated to a museum up north where it soon became "lost" though it is believed to be used as a relic in a "secret society". For my books purpose...what if the head HAD to be returned to Saint Augustine...or what if it never really left?

The other story comes from my latest listening of the Paranormal Podcast, where Jim Harold interviewed Tom Ogden who authored "Haunted Highways". Ogden refers briefly to the car James Dean was driving when he was killed in an accident. Sir Alec Guiness claimed the car was "evil" and hence the car had been the subject to many ill-fates and accidents. While the car was on loan "IN FLORIDA" it somewhere disappeared. Any number of stories I could adapt for the car to mysteriously appear in Saint Augustine...

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