Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flagler's Few: The Movie

As a treat, I've decided to release some stills from the 2005 smash hit film Flagler's Few starring Michael McVicar, Jujuan Burton, Nick Dean, Talon May, Yvonne Droese and Candice Fallin. It is also the directorial debut of the one and only...ME!

This was the very beginning of Flagler's Few. Usually the book proceeds the film, but in this case it's vise versa. The film took over a year to make and was shot entirely on location in Saint Augustine. As you will notice from some of the choice photos below that a lot of the character designs are similar to the actors, and in some cases the actors personalities shaped the characters themselves.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I didn't want to release too many of them for fear of giving away the story, but as the books progresses I may release more.

Also, one final fact. Flagler's Few premiered at Gator Cinema in Gainesville Florida in August of 2005 to a full theatre. In it's ONE-TIME midnight showing it sold more tickets then The Brothers Grimm did the entire weekend (as stated by the theatre manager). In hind-sight of seeing the film...I'm not to sure of that was such a great compliment. :-P

The film was dedicated to my father, Albert Rene Frattino, who passed away the same year.

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