Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Productions, Deals, Contracts, Releases!

I am excited to announce several new projects I'll be taking part in:

I just signed a contract to work on Brad Blumenthal's Harley Goes To Hollywood. The story is about a Hippo named Harley, who along with his friend Wally the Crocodile, travel from the jungle to the Star-Studded city of Hollywood, California. Brad Blumenthal is an accomplished actor, author and advocate for inner city kids. Having spent years working with children, he's starting on this project as a way to entertain and educate children.

I'll also be working with Green Dreams Productions in Atlanta, Georgia as an illustrator for their upcoming series, Jambo's Journey. Green Dreams Production is currently in works on making this series a television pilot. The book focuses mainly on conservation and preservation of our planet's vast (but limited) eco-systems, something that is very near and dear to my heart.

Don't threat though, I'm still hard at work on Flagler's Few and Azteca. I'll be in Saint Augustine on Thursday to work with Flagler College's Communicaton Department, where Professor Mark Heulsbeck and his Advanced Film Class are hard at work at re-imagining Flagler's Few: The Short Film. It's REALLY exciting, and I'll show some exclusive pictures of that soon. Azteca has earned some backing from Haven Distribution, and so I'm cranking out inks and colors for the energized but lovely author, Enrica Jang!

Awaiting on the release of Here Comes Julie Jack. Just putting the finishing touches.


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