Friday, January 23, 2009

Who you gonna call?

Previously on another post I mentioned one of the things that inspired Flagler's Fews for me was the art of Edward Gorey. I was exposed to Gorey's art via Mystery Theatre on PBS as a kid. However, another inspiration for the book was exposed to me right around the same time. 

That inspiration comes in the form of the 1980's TV-show, The Real Ghostbusters.

The series was based off the infamous movie of roughly the same name (The "Real" part came about due to some legal issues with another series that was entitled "Ghostbusters"). I was hooked at a young age and grew up on the series. It is in essence, what started my love for the paranormal and also was what had me dressing up as Ghostbuster for many Halloweens. 

The series, in my opinion was revolutionary. Both the art and stories were fantastic and original. The series managed to maintain dark and ghoulish atmospheres while taking care not to frighten its younger viewers. 

For Christmas, my mother got me the complete series (only available through Time Life's website). Words could not express my happiness. Now, as I sit in front of the TV, 20 years later, I still can't help but love this wonderful piece of childhood nostalgia. It's still a damn good series too, and holds up against much of today's standard cartoons...even surpassing them in many ways.

Much of the visual styles can be seen to parallel the The Real Ghostbusters in  Flagler's Few. The style is detailed, yet loose at the same time.  One piece of trivia for fans would be to notice that William Garring's hair is a sort of cross between Egons and Peter's 80-style dews. 

I ain't afraid no ghosts! ;-)


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