Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mystery of Room 513?

Here are some long awaited pages to add to the blog site. Finished pencils and inked accordingly. They await the final touch of words.

One of the exciting things about doing Flagler's Few as a book after the movie, is the ability to go back and add new elements that I was previously unable to do (either due to lacking of actors, unable to secure "locations" or because my piggy bank ran out of money).

In the book, I've added some new characters to go along with some new sub-plots. For example, in these few pages we see William arguing with the landlord of the Spanish Quarters Apartments, the introduction of the landlord's daughters: Gia, Lia and Mia (who take a liking to William) and the mysterious mention of Room 513...

What secrets lay ahead for our brave, but skeptic protagonist? You'll have to stay tune!

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