Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saint Augustine Trip Postponed!

I was going to visit Saint Augustine during Halloween to work more on my graphic novel, but I had to postpone the trip due to school obligations, I'm falling a little bit behind on some of my work and as important as it is to me to work on the graphic novel, I need to make sure I graduate on time.

Looking to push the trip back to mid-November. I also may be joined by Talon May and Jujuan Burton, two friends responsible for the inspiration of "Merryweather" and "Roger".

In other news, I finished the radio short for Anything Ghost last night. Took me forever, and the computer decided to crash twice, but after much determination, I was able to finish meshing the sound effects and the music into the narration. It sounds pretty good.

Remember to tune in tomorrow on Anything Ghost Podcast!

1 comment:

Nabil said...

cool,I truly loved the story on Anything ghost,especially the sound effects and everything else.Keep up the great work!