Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oct. 22nd Saint Augustine visit

On October 22nd, I plan to take a trip down to Saint Augustine to do what I like to call: "On Location Work".

In essence, I sit on the streets and work on finished pencils, inks and corrections. I also like to take some photo reference and embark on a little solo ghost hunting while I'm at it. I feel that as an artist and a storyteller, the best work comes when you are immersing yourself in your story.

I plan on staying at the Pirate's Haus, a hostile just off Saint George Street. I've researched it and it seems like an interesting and exciting place to lodge for the evening. The family beach house is readily available, but since I want to utilize my time in the city and not 20 minutes down the road on Matazanas Inlet, I figured this was the best choice.

Being so close to Halloween, let's hope for some unusual things.

Look for updates that weekend involving my stay and experience at the Pirate's Haus.

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