Friday, June 15, 2018

Hello again! It's been a long time, but as I'm sure you all have been following me on other social media platforms (Instagram: @arfstudios) you know I've been involved in other varying projects. One of which, I'll share with you some details in a moment.
Some quick upcoming news, I'll be transferring my flag from this blog to an OFFICIAL website very shortly. I've finally decided to take the leap and develop something I can fell a bit more organized with, and after working on a website for another venture, I feel confident I can develop something, even with my limited web developer skills.
So look for that soon.
Meanwhile, I want to announce on this blog the exciting developments of last year's Kickstarter project, Simon Says: Nazi Hunter. Last winter, the amazingly talented Jesse Lee and I earned nearly 500 backers for a combined total of $11,000+ for our limited edition introductory comic, Simon Says: Nazi Hunter, inspired by the true story of Simon Wiesenthal.
All has been silent on that front, and while I can't share much right now, I can say that we've been continuing our work on this project with some SUPER EXCITING news to come hopefully in the next few months! For now, if you haven't followed up on Kickstarter, go ahead and do so to keep apprise of the news.
And enjoy some of the first pages of art below...

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