Sunday, July 11, 2010

TAPS comes back to Savannah!

Hey fellow ghost fantatics!

Since SYFY's Ghost Hunters came on the air back in 2005, I've been a fan, especially when comparing it to the other paranormal reality shows (all of which fall short on the validity but overdose on the theatrics). However, it does get frustrating being lumped in with all the crazy people who became investigators BECAUSE of Ghost Hunters. Every now and again it just irks me to be asked "Did you get into ghosts because of Jason and Grant?"...ugh.

But, one thing consistently bugged me...and that was why haven't the boys and girls of TAPS returned to Savannah, Georgia? One of the top three most haunted cities in the nation (and my current residence). At first I suspected something underhanded went on at the Sorrell-Weed House (known in their first annual Halloween Special as the "Bader House", which interestingly enough isn't featured on ANY of their DVDs). I thought maybe someone played a trick on them, or that the famous hospitality of the south fell short when they visited the Coastal Empire. Since then they have not returned to Savannah, and I thought maybe they never would...

However, that theory has recently been thrown out the window. A friend and current producer for the show contacted me a month ago asking for any advice on local cases. I immediately referred to her some locations, including a professional friend of mine who's house has been featured on a number of shows and on Robert Redford's film The Legend of Bagger Vance. Within a month, TAPS has set up a scheduled investigation and last night that investigation took place...

As you can see the house is beautiful. I don't want to give away too much information about the case for fear of incurring the network's, production company's and of course Jay and Grant's wrath, but the house does have a prominent haunting of which it's owner says has no problem presenting itself on cue.

Personally, it's a pretty big deal for me. As a paranormal investigator it's very exciting to be able to say I had a hand in a high profile investigation like this. I myself will be conducting an investigation into this home in the upcoming months. Look for this investigation and many more in the upcoming episodes of Ghost Hunters, only on SYFY...

...check your local listings. :-P

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