Sunday, June 20, 2010

News! News! News!

Great news from Saint Augustine! Bookstores are selling out of Flagler's Few and the Reaper of Saint George Street!

Both Second Read Books and Flagler's Legacy have contacted me in the same week with requests for more copies! No word on who's buying them out, but it's a very uplifiting and positive feeling you get when you know you're work is appreciated! In the case of Flagler's Legacy, I had only sent them their copies less then a week earlier!!!

In other news, Flagler's Few and Victor's Revenge is less then 3 days from completion! At least in the art end, next I'll spend a week working on word bubbles and construction of the book. Sandra Strand will be mailing me the cover no later then July 1st, and I am really hoping to have it available for all of my fans by no later then July 15th, earlier if I can!

Next up after this? I'll be starting work on Wild Onion Press's Here Comes Julie Jack, a children's novel about a little death girl and her adventures. After that, there will be revision time for Azteca, and hopefully starting in September/October, I'll begin work on Flagler's Few and the Pirate's Skull of well as Destination: Unknown.

I'll be on Beyond Ghost Radio next month!

More to come!!!

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