Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's Andre?

I'll be a guest on liveparanormal.com's "para 411" live conference with Michelle Ayers and Jen Brown on January 26th. This will be my first live-cam interview, and I'll be broadcasting right from the official ARF Studios in Savannah, GA.

On February 16th, I'll return to Paranormal Podcast to chat it up with Jim Harold. However, Jim's podcast will only be recorded on this date, and will be up for iTune viewing pleasure in the months following. I will keep you posted.

In March, I will be in Saint Augustine to serve as one of two guests of honor for the grand opening of "Ghost Augustine's Ghost Equipment Store". The other guest of honor is rumored to be Susan Slaughter from Ghost Hunters Academy. I'll be signing copies of Flagler's Few, talking about my next book and trying to talk Susan into doing a little ghost hunting around town...

April 11th I will be a guest on Dead Air Paranormal Talk Radio at 10pm EST.

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