Monday, February 23, 2009

Michael Clark (1972-2009)

When I was younger, the only closest-distant family to me was my Aunt Simone (my father's older sister), my Uncle Steve, and their children Matthew and Michael. Michael was the older of the two, and well into high school, the farthest back I can remember of him.

Whenever I'd visit the Clark family, I usually entertained myself, but every once and a while when Michael and Matthew had the time they'd share with me wonderful things I had yet to be introduced to, like the latest Commodore 64 games or super hero cards my mother would deem too violent for me.

Michael, was one of the most intelligent people I've ever known. After college he traveled the world for his work, taking him to distant places in the middle east, like the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem or Iraq. On many occasions he and his mother explained what he did for a living, working for educational and training services, but my dad and I always liked to joke he worked for the C.I.A. My mother always scolded us for thinking such things, because to be honest, Michael never could strike you as a super secret spy...(but then isn't that the point?)

Michael also shared an interest in the Frattino Family history, and shared much of his findings with me, even going as far as putting me in touch with my grandmother's distant relatives, who happened to live just around the corner from Savannah.

Despite his travels, his work, and his recent development of a family, Michael managed to save a little time aside to attend Flagler's Few movie premiere back in 2005, right before I moved to attend SCAD.

Tonight at around 8pm, my dear cousins passed away. I had last seen him in the hospital shortly after Christmas, and while I was scheduled to see him a few weeks ago...I could not bare to see him in such a state. I always thought of him as a strong and respectful man. I would have hoped it wasn't a cowardly thing of me to avoid seeing someone so close to death, but I just wasn't sure I could do it. He leaves behind, his wife Lynn and their beautiful daughter Helen.

In memory to my cousin, Flagler's Few will be dedicated to him, as well as my father and my grandfather. Three fantastic men, who have left us in body...but whose spirits and memories will be a part of us forever.

Take care Michael, you'll always remain my super secret agent cousin...

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Jennifer J L Jones said...

My sincere condolences Andre... what a wonderful homage.