Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reference Photos

In a book like "Flagler's Few" where the setting is highly important, and acts as a character all unto itself, it is important to make sure that the backgrounds and settings are detailed and accurate, so that the reader generally feels that it is Saint Augustine, and cannot be mistaken for just a generic city.

Every visit I make to the ancient city, I collect more and more reference shots. These are just a few shots of the city.

Sometimes the reference photos require a bit of creativity, for example, in one panel I needed a shot of people's feet to show that they were walking on top of the dead. Generally, drawing feet does not require reference shots, but I wanted to make sure I could show depth in the in order to photograph people without weirding them out, I set my camera on the street and acted as if I was tying my shoe. Then as people walked by I snapped photos of them.


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